BoCC – Commissioner Kathy – Eagle County’s own – Surfer Girl

by Clayton Moore

One thing about Eagle County Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry – she always knows “where she needs to be!”

In this case…enjoying the Grand Opening of the Town of Eagle’s new White Water Park – on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  (click on the photo) to enlarge it!


Caption:  Look Ma!  No EpicMix Ski Pass required!


Caption:  How FAST can YOU go…while standing still?


Eagle’s Water Park – Good for Bike’s free Parking and White Water


What is that New I-70 Antenna?

by Clayton Moore and HAM Radio Operator K0LWC

Dateline: I-70 Eastbound – St. Patrick’s Day – Just west of Dowd Junction and the Vail Exits.

Just a standard I-70 overhead road sign and associated WebCam…HOWEVER there is a newly installed Antenna…for CDOT/Panasonic’s new V2X prototype system.clip_image002

This is a CDOT/Panasonic Prototype System vehicle-to-everything V2X technology. Purportedly for Traffic Safety reasons. This new radio system is designed for 2-Way communication between Vehicle and CDOT broadcast safety notifications. In the future…likely use for driverless vehicle’s if/when that ever comes to pass on our Interstate roads.

To learn more about this Prototype (Click On) the CDOT News graphic below.

Special Thanks to young Ham Radio Operator Matt – K0LWC who was the first to “ID” this new Radio system!

Matt “hangs out” on BrandMeister TalkGroup 3171 – NoCO DMR, Loveland-Ft. Collins, Colorado 73s N0ECT


Happy Lake Powell Day!

Dateline:  Thursday, March 14th 2019 – some celebrate this as “Pi Day” – you know [ 3.14159…]

ECT believes this year – it should be called “Happy Lake Powell Day”.

If you look closely at the photo from December 9th you can see folks have been happily skiing directly under this Vail Ski Resort signage…The clearance was about 5 feet at that time.

Now a little over 3 months – you cannot possible ski under the same sign.

(keep scrolling down – click on the photo to enlarge it)


With the exception of a few inches of snow from the night before…the snow under this trail sign is packed in very tight.

If Spring 2019 ever arrives…and the Spring Runoff flows – Gore Creek, into Eagle River, into the Colorado River – then into Lake Powell and possibly Lake Meade courtesy of the Glen Canyon Dam.  You guess is as good as the ECT’s – how much will Lake Powell rise with this years Spring Runoff.



Political Chicanery – Eagle County Style

Political Chicanery in Eagle County, Colorado?  Yes!  And your Tax Dollars are paying for it!image

The Eagle County Board of County Commissioners – paid (with your Tax Dollars) online survey company “”.  Eagle County Voters were selected at random (email) to complete the online survey – each potential respondent given their own Password to access the Survey.   Now comes their new Tax survey question… Their Deliberate Deception?  The new Tax Question has (4) multiple choice answers. Yet NONE of the (4) Answers – allowed you to choose “NO” or “ZERO” new Taxes!  (Click on Below to enlarge it)


Now their Deception gets worse…the FACT is…you can’t “go on to the next survey question” UNTIL – you agree to answer the (above) question! (Click Here)

Now…for The Big Lie!

Their online survey has been Gerrymandered…such that ALL completed Surveys will have answered “yes” to some level of Tax Increase, per above.  This FACT will allow the Board of County Commissioners to State…”100% of our Survey respondents have agreed to (on average) a $xx.?? Dollar Tax Increase for “Transportation Improvements in Eagle County”. BIAS?  What about the voices of individuals – who prefer “NO” Tax Increase?

Unanswered Commissioner questions remain here at the ECT (at the time of this writing)

Did our elected Board of County Commissioners – read/review and approve the survey questions?  As written?  Was County Staff involved?  To what extent, if any?

The ECT will assert – this kind of Political Chicanery is the result of “one party rule” here in Eagle County and (OBTW) at the Colorado Statehouse as well….where this past week our Statehouse placed a new Bill on the Governors desk – handing your Presidential (Colorado Electoral Votes – 9) to whoever wins the majority votes in a Presidential Election (Click Here).  Simply put – “one party rule” translates politically to “no checks and balances”…and here in Eagle County and Colorado (at large) you can see and experience the results of that fact.


Below – a few more screen shots from their online “survey”. CLICK ON THEM to enlarge and read.

-Clayton Moore



Happy News – we can all agree on! Yeah!

Finally – It’s not always easy looking for some Eagle County, Colorado “Happy News” these days…especially if you live in the Town of Avon…

Here’s how to check this News out…

Likely, if you drive Eastbound (I-70) out of Eagle…you may have noticed the newly extended Paved Eagle County Bike Trail out the right side of your passenger window.  The County’s (ECO Trails) Paved Bike Path (years long) Goal is to connect the top of Vail Pass…to the entrance to the Glenwood Canyon just west of Dotsero – along I-70.


The County is hard at work (now – yeah! in February) to make that continuing plan a reality.  Just a bit west of Wolcott along the Eagle River a new Bike Bridge has been installed this  Valentines Day week – February 2019!  It’s official name is the “ECO Trails – Horn Ranch Pedestrian Bridge”.  You can see it now installed across the Eagle River driving on I-70 – eastbound just before Wolcott.

Eagle County Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry reports to the ECT that – special thanks are due to Wolcott residences Dave and Sue Mott – who allowed the storage of the new Steel Bridge on their land – until the Construction Crews working the project were ready.  The months earlier purchase and storage of the new Steel Bridge – helped prevent any price inflation due to Steel Tariff fears…Construction Crews also reportedly happy with the work (now/February) at an otherwise slow construction time of year…Taxpayers get a break…Construction crews have some work…and local Bikers, Walkers, Runners, Hikers and Strollers…all have something to look forward to this Spring.   Happy News indeed!




Last Night’s Lunar Eclipse vs. Monday Morning’s – Moonset

Have you ever tried to photograph something through a Steamed up Bathroom Window?

Well..that’s what it was like trying to Photograph last nights Lunar Eclipse…through Eagle County’s semi-cloudy sky.

But take heart – the next morning – the Moon set in the Western Sky – about 7AM/the next day – was much more impressive.



However at SunRise the next Morning – Monday, January 21st – the Moon set in the Western Sky was much easier to photograph



Perfectly Framed, HUH?


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